1. Sorry this blog has been so low on the radar.

    I’ve had a rough summer with the one year mark of my mom passing away. In addition to that I’ve had an internship and moving at school. So I promise to keep up with this :)

  2. I hope everyone had a safe and happy forth of July!

  3. Thank you for this blog, I am letting my friends know about it. Be well.

    Aw you are too kind. Thank you so much!

  4. Hello Followers

    I just want to apologize for my lack of posts this month.

    This coming monday, the 27th, will by the one year mark of my mom’s passing. This month has been super hard for me on so many levels. I knew that I would have a hard time with it but I didn’t realize it would be this hard.

    I hope you are all doing well and I will resume posting after the 27th.

    Do you guys have any updates for me?

  5. julieanneisawesome:

  6. And if you were with me tonight,
    I’d sing to you just one more time.
    A song for a heart so big,
    God wouldn’t let it live.
    May angels lead you in.

    It’s just one of those days when I really really miss you.   I love you so much Mom, I really hope you knew how much.

  7. pubhealth:

Anti-Cancer Billboard Blocked in Washington State


    Anti-Cancer Billboard Blocked in Washington State

  8. Happy June Followers!

    Today officially marks the first day of Mens Health & Cancer Awareness Month!

    if any of have stuff to submit or ask pertaining this topic, Fire Away!

  9. Hi, well you may or may not know that my mom has battled and survived breast cancer three times. She's lost a lot, but she's gained a lot as well. Watching her battle cancer three times for the past 11 years had made me the person that I am today. I've become much more aware of my health and fitness, I'm a stronger person, and I don't take things for granted.

    Well, last Thursday, we found out she has cancer a fourth time. I know she's strong enough to survive this, I just hate seeing her suffer with all this. Not only my mom in pain, but my dad as well. Seeing them in pain breaks my heart.

    I love that there's a blog to support cancer. I have such anger towards it and I have no closure. One thing I would love to do in life is to help others who are affected by cancer in some way, or just help inform others who have no idea what cancer really can do to a person.


    I am so incredibly sorry that you got that news. I have no idea what i would do if I were in your shoes. I know how you feel with watching her suffer. Its ahrd watching someone who is your strength and your rock to be in pain and suffer.

    My mom hated showing me when we was “feeling weak”. She felt like she was letting me down when I didn’t feel that way at.

    Im so glad you appreciate this blog. It makes me so happy you don’t even know. If you don’t mind keeping me posted, id really appreciate it. :)

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